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Pussey & Jones
Sack Kraft Paper Machine
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Item #11863
Size140 TPD

A recently idled well maintained Pussey & Jones complete Sack Kraft Paper Machine with a capacity of 140TPD producing 40-67 LB paper with a trim of 118
Headbox with a 122 inch slice rebuilt by Voith and upgraded to a pressurized Headbox in the 1990s
Complete stock prep
Fourdrinier with new a steambox in 2010
Pussey & Jones Press Section
35 Pussey & Jones 125PSI Temperature 450 degree dryers, 60 x 122 Sectional Drives
Pussey & Jones 5 roll Calendar Stack
Honeywell Quality Control system 2015
Pussey & Jones Reel
Pussey & Jones Winder Slitter upgraded in 2005