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Screw Presses

Item # Manufacturer Model Size Details
12152 Andritz Dupps 3616 B 3616 B  View Details
11992 Bauer C450 (C500) 1600Kg + Gearbox 750kg  View Details
12710 FKC SHX-1000  View Details
11726 FKC SRX-1000 SRX-1000  View Details
12600 Kvaerner SP 45 SL SP 45 SL  View Details
12601 Kvaerner SP45 SLX SP45 SLX  View Details
11952 N/A 08L200  View Details
10833 Sprout Bauer 575-18-3  View Details
12390 Thune SP 32 L SP 32L Screw  View Details
11860 Thune SP 70 L SP 70 L  View Details
12615 Thune SP45 SL SP45 SL  View Details
12357 Thune SP 32 L SP 32 L  View Details
12411 Thune SP 32L SP 32L  View Details
11784 Thune SP 32 L SP 32 L  View Details