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Item #11821
Size825 TPD

Paper Machine # 8 has a 8455 mm trim width and a design capacity of 825 TPD of SCB 32 lb. paper.

The original manufacturer was Beloit in 1988 then it was rebuilt by Metso in 2001 and 2003.

Major Components:

Metso Dilution Control Headbox slice 9060 mm with 60 mm dilution zones, installed 2001
Metso Optiformer rebuilt in 2001
Valmet Press Section 2001
40 Dryers 75 PSI, 1905 mm diameter with seven drive sections
Metso 8 roll Optiload Online Supercalender new in 2001
Beloit Reel rebuilt in 2001
Metso, XDI gauging and DCS systems with Parsytec Web Inspection System new in 2001
Metso Winbelt Rewinder rebuilt in 2001
60 HZ Electrical System
Associated pumps, motors and storage tanks